We Are Leading Industrial Minerals Manufacturer & Supplier.

We are Mine Owners and the leading producer and supplier of Talc, Calcium Carbonate (both GCC & PCC), Quick Lime, Hydrated Lime, Dolomite, Feldspar, Aluminum Sulphate and other non metal Industrial Minerals and cater to wide range of Industries from Food, Pharma, Cosmetic, Home and Personal Care, Paint & Coating, Ink, Adhesives, Plastic Compounding, Rubber, Ceramic, Feed, Agriculture & so on. HTMC Group is at the forefront of driving growth and innovation in the mineral sector as one of the Top Manufacturers of Minerals in India.

HiTech Minerals and Chemicals Group

HTMC is engaged in manufacturing, processing, distributing, and exporting Natural minerals like talc, Dolomite, Calcium carbonate, Feldspar, Calcite so on to varied industries such as Food Pharama Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Iron &Steel, Paints & Coating etc. As premier Mineral Manufacturers in India, HTMC Group specializes in procuring, processing, and supplying a comprehensive array of industrial minerals. As one of the top industrial distribution companies in India, we specialize in processing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of non-metallic mineral products to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We are the undisputed leading source of minerals and chemicals -

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Complete technical Compliance with certifications.
  • US-DMF Registered Manufacturing Facility
  • 3-In house internationally accredited Labs
  • Global footprint in 39+ countries
  • Purity of our minerals

Our mission is to become that one big player in a highly fragmented industry through increased aggregation, catering to industry wide customers through JIT supply chains to optimise cost by employing our considerable and cvolving technical, manufacturing and logistics capabilities. Our vast network and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of Mineral Based Industry across India.As a trusted bulk mineral supplier, HTMC Group offers a wide range of minerals in large quantities. Our efficient supply chain ensures timely delivery and competitive pricing for our clients.At HTMC Group, we take immense pride in being a leading force in the Indian industrial mineral landscape. We transcend the limitations of simply being mineral processors in India

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HiTech Minerals and Chemicals Group

    Our complete focus to satisfy our clients with high end products has conferred upon us huge accolades and an extensive customer support in market. HTMC has emerged as the leading industrial mineral company,catering to diverse sectors with its extensive range of products and unparalleled serviceThe whole range is manufactured at our own production site with the incorporation of ultra modern technology and incomparable skills of our team leading to the development of outstanding range that fits to diverse needs of our clients.

  • Manufacturer of Minerals in India: We source premium raw materials and meticulously process them into high-performance industrial minerals.
  • Bulk Mineral Suppliers in India: We cater to the large-scale needs of various industries, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of essential minerals.
  • Mineral Distributors: Our extensive network allows us to deliver our products efficiently to clients across India.
  • Top Industrial Distribution Company: We prioritize quality, innovation, and exceptional service, positioning ourselves as a leader in industrial mineral distribution.

Our present status in market is accredited to:

  • One step source for all your mineral requirements
  • High grade quality
  • Large product line
  • Elegant finish
  • Timely delivery
  • Premium quality packaging

Comprehensive Mineral Solutions

Minerals Mining Companies: HTMC Group is at the forefront of the mining industry, with extensive mining operations that guarantee a steady supply of high-quality minerals. Our commitment to sustainable mining practices sets us apart in the industry.

Minerals Trading Company: We engage in both domestic and international trading of minerals, connecting our clients with the best resources available. Our trading expertise ensures competitive pricing and excellent service.

Non-Metallic Mineral Products Company: Specializing in non-metallic minerals, we offer products that are essential for various industrial processes. From construction to manufacturing, our minerals play a crucial role in numerous sectors.

Top Industrial Distribution Company: Recognized as one of the top industrial distribution companies, HTMC Group excels in delivering high-quality minerals and related products efficiently and reliably.

Largest Industrial Manufacturing Company: As one of the largest industrial manufacturing companies, we leverage our extensive experience and advanced technology to produce superior mineral products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Our Strength


With our own and leased mineral reserves we are able to maintain consistent quality and timely deliveries and allows us the freedom to supply in Bulk without any dependency and feedstock constraints. Most of our active mines are CORE accredited to ensure Responsible extraction of Minerals while maintaining good ecological balance and social harmony. HTMC Group operates as a dynamic Minerals Trading Company,offering a one-stop solution for all industrial mineral requirements.


In addition to On-site Unit and Product Specific Quality Labs, we have dedicated Central Quality and R&D Centre equipped with all equipment and instrumentation required for Mineral Testing, Validation, Application and Formulations.As trusted Mineral Suppliers in India, HTMC Group upholds stringent quality standards at every stage of production and distribution.


Bulk of our production is ‘Made to Order’ and tailored to specific Customer and / or end product requirements to enhance the use and value to the Customer and deliver enhanced ‘Quality’ specific to the Customers’ Product and / or production line.


We have Industry specific Processing Units with dedicated Product specific Production Lines. All Processing Units are equipped with Industry and Production specific Quality Lab and infrastructure. For Food and Pharma we have dedicated EXCiPACT and BRC Certified manufacturing Unit. We have strategically located PCC Plants in North and South of India to support JIT Bulk supplies to our Key Customers.Experience the difference with HTMC Group – where quality meets reliability, and excellence knows no bounds. Join hands with the top processors of minerals in India and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.


Being the Key Supplier to many Industries we have strategically located Warehouses to ensure Just-in-Time and Uninterrupted Supplies to our Customers. Many warehouses are equipped to do last mile conversion, supply in Bulkers, supply and deliver premixes directly to the Production Line of the Customer and also preTest and Quality Clearance so that delivery is made directly to the Production Line saving warehousing and handling at the Customers’ end.


Logistics being the Key and Major contributor to the end delivered cost and effective Leadtime to the customer …. the Group has invested heavily in the inland Logistics and do not depend on procured transportation saving the vagaries of inconsistency of transportation and optimize the cost. The Group also utilized all optimal modes of carrying the crude or our finished product by Rail, Coastal Sea Mode and all other modes. For Bulk movements we also carry full rack loads by Train to optimize cost and delivery lead-times to the customer.

“Very much satisfied with the service. Delivered on time and responded to request for modifications within few hours.

- Unilever -

“I’m very happy with the results! They went above and beyond for me and that is always appreciated! I would highly recommend SH to anybody!”

- Reckitt Benckiser -

“Great work I got a lot more than what I ordered, they are very legítimas and catchy. I went for one of them for my brand but is always better to have more options.”

- Wipro -

CSR : Our Contribution

We are conscious that our growth is part of the overall growth of the Country and Society around us. We try to do our bit and contribute to the larger society by conducting engaging with the society around places we operate. Medical Camps, General awareness Camps, Specific Social awareness programmes are regular feature and event where in we try to enhance the Quality of life and overall Infrastructure in and around the places we operate. Many of our Processing Units utilize the Solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and reduce Carbon FootPrint. Most of our processing Units harvest the rain water for better use and thereby reduce our consumption of Water. At all our Mining sites Plantation is a regular activity so that we reduce soil degradation and conserve the lad for better use.


We Love
the Nature

We are equally driven to mine responsibly and sustainably, minimising the impact of mining on the natural environment, and working closely with local communities to build skills and social infrastructure to ensure long-term development.

180 KWP
Solar Power

  • Installation of 602 modules
  • Daiy generation - average 810 units
  • Yearly generation of 267300 units

and Safety Policy

We involve our employees in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through periodic reviews of operational procedures, safe methods of work and a safe work environment.

Rain Water Harvesting & Lighting

  • 135 KL Water Capacity Tank
  • 9KWH power consumption light has been converted to LED Light of only 0.5KWH.
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